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this community, at the moment as i am in a tres uncomfortable chair,is here to vent your spleen, interested in joining? it will help if you would like to discuss the topics below and are not a moany purist(bad karma and all) ill make this biography better when i get back from deutchland. if you dont know how to begin i suggest you make like your in an english exam, pick a topic from below and get writing!

Tschüss, drunken mynci.
1984, abba, acid, alan partridge, alcohol, alex the kidd, aphex twin, arab strap, armando ianucci, arthur lee, autechre, bad language, beauty, being completely open, being loud, belle and sebastian, bill hicks, bisexual, bisexuals, bizarre, blue jam, boards of canada, brass eye, bright colours, button moon, cat power, catatonia, celtic music, cerys mathews, chris morris, clash, clothes, console games, cottage pie, crime, croft no 5, dance music, dancing, death, depression, destinys child, dj, drugs, drunkeness, e, eating, ecstacy, even more vodka, eyeliner, farting, fear, festivals, fight club, gay, gender, gigs, glitter, gorky´s zygotic mynci, grand theft auto, happiness, hate, hefner, hello kitty, human traffic, humour, ice cream, joe strummer, kazaa, kirsten dunst, kylie, languages, lesbian, lesbians, life, love, low, magic mushrooms, manics, massive attack, mental illness, missy elliot, mogwai, monkeys, monty python, morbid, more vodka, mp3´s, murder, music, mynci´s, nail polish, nail varnish, narcotics, nintendo, obscenities, optimism, paranoia, paranormal, pavement, peace, photography, photos, pictures, pies, playstation, pornograpy, portishead, psychology, quotes, radiohead, religion, sega, select magazine, sex, sex pistols, socialism, sociology, spike milligan, stanley kubrick, suicide, sunshine, super furry animals, swearing, tears, the beta band, the clangers, the day today, the delgados, the goons, the lost boys, the moomins, the pixies, the prodigy, the specials, toilet, transexual, trapdoor, underworld, vice city, vinyl, violent femmes, vodka, vomit, warp, warp records, winona ryder